Concept The Salt E-house concept has been developed to provide low cost environmentally sustainable housing.
mission statement
  • to provide real environmental solutions to excess energy use and water use in each home
  • to increase awareness that environmental solutions are economic solutions.
  • to facilitate early home ownership
  • to reduce the economic burden of a home mortgage

Key factors affecting environmental sustainability of our developments are
  • Reduced overall size of residences utilizing flexible efficient space planning models.
  • Consideration of embodied energy of materials, in-use costs and end of use disposability
  • Incorporation of solar PV power generation and use, and onsite re-use of rain and waste water.
  • Reduced energy consumption using best practice construction techniques and passive solar design.
  • Ongoing research into power and water technologies for future integration into house designs.

Affordability. Another key objective is to make our houses affordable.

This will be achieved by:
  • Utilizing existing standard building techniques in innovative ways.
  • Promoting access to reduced rate 'green home loans'
  • Reducing overall 'footprint' of buildings to avoid wasted circulation space and unnecessary building area.
  • Using standardized plans with flexible options to suit client's personal choice
  • Economy of scale, construction of multiple concurrent projects.

SaltEhouse Pty Ltd will be the first project home builder to exclusively offer an architecturally designed environmentally sustainable home, affordable to all sectors of the market.