Technical Information
- Under-slab water storage: 22730 litre concrete tank, 3450 mm dia, 2700 mm high

- Grey water recycling, using a Nylex “grey water diverta” and a series of trenches with perforated agricultural pipe

- Grid connected solar array: 6 panel 1.1 kW

- Solar hot water heater: Solco 300 litre

 - Insulation:                Eco-pink bio-soluble R1.5 insulation blanket over entire roof;
Silver Sark 97% reflective R1.3 heavy duty wall wrap over entire walls prior to colorbond walling
R2.0 rockwool batts within walls
R3.0 rockwool batts within ceilings

- Smart electrical systems: HPM sensors, central override on all lights and non-essential power, dedicated circuits for essential services

The building is constructed on a concrete slab with timber framed walls and roof. Cladding is a composite of corrugated steel in different colours and profiles. For further information on construction and performance data and criteria, refer to the newsletters which were issued during construction. They are in pdf format.

During the life of the prototype house different information has been collected, such as inside and outside temperatures, rainfall and power consumption. This information can be viewed on data sheets , also in pdf format for downloading.